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We’ll clean your dirty bins


Our system is using 220 degree water to blast that dirt away leaving you with a CLEANED BIN that is CLEAN and SANITIZED


Once our technicians have destroyed the germs and dirt we take that CLEANED BIN and DEODORIZE it leaving you with a fresh smelly, absolutely CLEANED BIN!

It’s so simple to get started!

Pick your plan and never worry about dirty bins when you have Cleaned Bins!

Monthly Service

Most frequent Service
Serviced Monthly
Billed Monthly


*Monthly Plan is a 3 cleaning commitment

Quarterly Service

Great Value!
Serviced every 3 Months
Billed Quarterly 


*Quarterly Plan is a 2 cleaning commitment

Bi-Annual Service

The refresher
Serviced Twice a Year
Billed Bi-Annually


*Bi-Annual Plan is a 2 cleaning commitment

One Time Service

Great for Special Events!
No Commitments
Billed Prior to Service


* 1 Year refers to One Cleaning

Service Areas

We are a locally owned & operated family business offering trash bin cleaning services. Our mission is to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize trash bins within our community.

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How it Works

Benefits of Our Service

Trash Bins Are An Ideal Breeding Ground For Bacteria, Insects And Vermin To Thrive

Reduce Your Exposure To Potential Health Risk During Direct Contact With Bins

Household Cleaning Products Can Potentially Pollute Our Fragile Eco-Systems

Removes and prevents odors that attract various bugs and rodents

Helps prevent the spread of disease by eliminating bacteria and other harmful organisms

All truck waste water is collected for proper disposal



Our trusted reviews!

Don’t believe us? Trust our clients! They all have Cleaned Bins!

5 Stars on Google Reviews


Their service is incredible. When you tend to have a lot of trash during the months the bins start to get dirty and smelly, but with Cleaned Bins coming to the rescue I dont have to worry about the bugs and flies hovering around my trash or recycle bins. I highly recommend their professional services.

Nate McFarland

5 Stars

Cleaned Bins makes sure my trash can smells like new. I have a sense of relief knowing such a nasty item gets sanitized routinely. The representatives are always timely and respectful of my property and accommodate me not being able to leave my can by the curb. The reminder the day before service help me not miss a cleaning or reschedule if I’m unavailable. Been using this service for over a year now and love it!

Ginneria Harris

5 stars

Clean Bins did a great job of cleaning my bin. So easy just leave trash bin out and they cleaned and sanitized my bin the next morning after trash pick up. Smelled fresh and looked clean.

Gina Greene

5 Stars

I don’t have time to clean my garbage bins and was elated to find a service that offers the service. The bins stay clean and fresh for a long time. They offer various plans to meet your needs. Excellent customer service and very professional.

Denise Lynch

5 Stars

Before Cleaned Bins I would make my husband put the trash in the bin! Now my bins are clean and don’t smell bad!!! My daughter did it first and now several more of us are having our bins cleaned! I love that they text before and if it’s a week that both my bins aren’t out I tell them and they come the next week! Great company!

Cheryl Clark

5 stars

Really helpful crew! Once, I accidentally pulled my bins in the garage and missed when they came by I just shot them a text and they added me in the schedule for the next week. Affordable and professional. I posted a referral link on my neighborhood Facebook page and got so many referrals I didn’t have to pay for 6 months. Very happy!

Charles Luther

5 Stars

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